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Good Afternoon Participants! We’re back to you once again with today’s much-awaited Teer Lottery Results, date_name.

Teer Lottery is basically conducted and managed by the Meghalaya State Government and the State Government has appointed a team referred as ‘The State Lottery Department’

who is actually the caretaker of all the tasks and activities performed during the lotto event. Why is it called Teer? Well! Let me make it clear to you Teer lottery is a number game which is based on archery So, what it requires to play the Teer game is.

you just need to select a number and the shooters are supposed to target that number in order to make it a winning number! Teer game involves various archery clubs to hire the archers and run this system.

We publish Shillong teer live download Shillong teer result here on a daily basis so results are genuinely fresh and updated.

The result of Shillong teer 15.10.2019  is below. You can just view it or you can download  Lottery Sambad result download  result in PDF also.

Terr” frequently known as bows and arrows playing is the favored expression in Shillong. For all intents and purposes each ensuing store is a Teer counter.

Shillong Teer Result Today date_dot
F/R (3:45 PM) S/R (4:45 PM)
          94             91

Shillong Common Number/ Target [ Update Time 11 am ] date_dot 

Direct House Ending
80,20 8 5
71,40 3 3

It’s occasionally similar to a little paan store with a permit amount and a couple of numbers composed on a chalkboard with chalks, hanging forthright.


 Within is enormous enough exclusively to oblige a work area and a seat. On the work area, there are some paper and a pen. You’ve gotten touched base at a Teer counter. 
 It was extra of an amazing story that drew me into the game. Again in my staff days, I received it just for agreeable. Notwithstanding, a few people lived on it. 

Their total vocation is dictated by it A few people can’t release a day by without partaking in that fascinating amount sport.

I used to be educated that the game ought to be performed with wants. You must dream and translate the fantasy into digits. Everyone has their own one of a kind elucidation.

That in itself is an all-encompassing story So an energetic Teer member ought to at any rate dream when in a day, in some other case it will probably be nothing more prominent than a visually impaired draw which isn’t what Teer is.

As per the local tale, a Teer member’s wants will be in a bad way and twisted with darkish forces. I used to be educated that people who hold snakes and love it have better probabilities of being right.

In right now’s advanced world, numerous people can have no delay rejecting that. In any case, this incredible story encompassing the game makes it considerably more intriguing.

The great assortment of Teer counter all through Shillong prompted that there are various energetic Teer gamers. For certain people it may be the one factor to keep awake for from their relentless every day errands. For some lone a conduct they can not kick away.

 On the Teer counter, one should purchase any ticket of any digits beginning from 0-100. For a Rs.1 ticket, the blessed champ will draw an entirety of Rs. 80 inside the principal round and Rs.60 in second circular It might be a productive stock of income anyway it’s less difficult referenced than performed. 

There’s a great deal of polished methodology in the manner by which the game is being run. There are additional people worried than one would consider.

To look into the framework that works like an appropriately oiled machine I expected to go to the haven of Teer at Polo floor. When I touched base there at 4:5pm that they had just drawn the essential round. The essential amount is drawn at 4 pm and the second amount at 4:30 pm.

 It’s a little place with Teer counters and little picket work environments encompassing a little opening. As I entered there have been a lot of guys individuals expending tea effortlessly A few guys individuals had been moreover partaking in a dart to release time without going to excessively extensive. 
 A bet of Rs.10 was situated and each member tossed 10 darts at a little objective. If they handle to hit they took the majority of the bet. If they missed it, the owner will gain the bet. 

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